Linen Services For Holiday Homes

Alongside our housekeeping and property management, we also offer exceptional laundry services, keeping the bed linen, towels and robes of your holiday home freshly washed. So whether you’re preparing your second home for a family visit, or looking to impress your renters for the holiday season, get in touch to arrange our laundry services.

Freshly Pressed Linen

When expecting guests, it’s always important to have fresh bed linen ready to be used. Which is why we provide a comprehensive, professional laundry service which includes washing, drying and pressing so your bedding is always prepared for new guests.

Fresh Laundry Throughout The Year

When you first arrive at a holiday home, there’s nothing quite like settling in to a freshly-made bed with clean, pressed linen sheets. With our services, your guests can enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep. We also offer laundry services for your soft, fluffy towels, as well as bathrobes or other items you provide.

If you want your guests to have the most amazing stay, we are here to help.

Contact Grant Housekeeping

Call or email our team today to arrange our first-class laundry services.

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