Sparkle Cleans

Grant Housekeeping provides deep clean services for home owners; for both holiday homes, second homes and any new property purchases. If you’ve recently had renovations done to your holiday home, or perhaps had a whole new property built, get in touch to arrange a sparkle clean service. Our team will carry out a thorough deep-clean of your entire property, preparing it for viewings and rentals. This can include removing any remaining signs of construction such as dried plaster, paint flecks, grout and other by-products of your recent building projects. The result of this deep clean session leaves the home stunning and spotless.

New Property Development

We have spent years developing our professional reputation in the high end holiday home sector of North Devon. Our team offer expert advice and assistance to local property developers who are looking to make the best first impression for potential buyers and future guests. Furthermore we take pride in the wide range of long-term support we offer our clients. Whether this involves holiday home changeovers, linen services, or an interior makeover, we want to hear from you.

Fully-Prepared For New Owners

You’ll be amazed at the results we can achieve with our sparkle clean service. Whether you plan to sell your property or rent it to guests during the holidays. Our team of experts will have your home fully-prepared to welcome your new arrivals. Contact us today to find out more.

Contact Grant Housekeeping

Get in touch with our housekeeping team to learn more about our sparkle clean services.

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